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Being a self-sustainable gated community, Port Ghalib serves as the perfect business destination. With so many investment opportunities your long-term financial plans are promised for success. Professional investors, startups and acceleration serving organizations will find the perfect space to nourish. Checkout the different facilities, investment opportunities and benefits for doing business at Port Ghalib.

port ghalib’s components plan

Planting all the essential facets encompassing Port Ghalib’s present and future.

Port Ghalib’s greenery and activity facilities propose to you a clear mind and better performance. Real estate projects are continuously developing and the options to invest some money and get good return are various. Taking a decision to invest is one thing, and taking a decision to relocate is another. Provided that you’ve got all the necessary shopping, entertainment, and supporting facilities, nothing can hold you from moving to work from paradise. Port Ghalib includes a sewage plant, power plant and desalination plant eliminating the need for generators or water purifiers. The city is adjacent to the Marsa Alam International Airport and features Port Ghalib International Marina. Event venues, affordable residences, transportation and supporting services will guarantee a seamless business process.

facts & figures

A multi-billion project established by industry-leading developers and backed by reputed associates worldwide, it’s no wonder that Port Ghalib is one of the foremost ground-breaking fully integrated developments in the region and the world. With phase one of the project ranging 8 million m2 already underway, Port Ghalib is set to break a number of world records upon final completion. The ambitious list of facts and figures includes the following:

8,000,000 sqm

Total area of Port Ghalib “phase one”


individual villages “phase one”


Total area of Marsa Alam International Airport (to date)

5.3 Km

of berthing at the International Marina


basins at the International Marina


Total area of International Convention Center


Yacht Berths in Port Ghalib International Marina


fully operated International Airport in B.O.T system in the world


Self generated power


power from renewable resources

1 st

International touristic Marina in Egypt with immigration & custom facilities

Business Scope And Opportunities

real estate

Real Estate Investment

Where there is development lays opportunity. A location such as Port Ghalib completely accessible with an international airport and marina makes it the perfect spot to buy and sell properties with a return worth looking forward to. All our projects include a variety of small and big areas, villas, town houses, and apartments and all the way to studios, suitable for every budget and size of investment. 

A Land To Develop

Besides Port Ghalib's exquisite residential communities, there is a wealth of opportunities that allow you to own your own corner of Egypt's Red Sea land. Own a piece of natural paradise by investing in one of the many pristine private locations around the Port Ghalib master plan. Feel free to create your own legacy on Port Ghalib's untraveled sands and expansive seascapes. Port Ghalib welcomes both small and seasoned investors who are willing to explore the beauty of nature and own a very unique location in this development.


Business Relocation

Cherish your employees with a mind-blowing experience, working from a luxurious location and becoming more productive. Spaces are various for different company sizes and residences are guaranteed and affordable. Full facilities for a normal family life make it a perfect chance for business to grow and become more stable. 


Startup Community

The flexibility of working from any place must be the number one benefit of startups. Take advantage of the affordable flats and spaces suitable for offices. Live and work from a luxury location that is nationally and internationally accessible. Event venue options are massive and facilities such as the 100% self generated power present to the start up community what it needs and more. 

A-world that is Eco -Friendly

Set to become North Africa’s greenest large-scale destination, Port Ghalib’s ecological surroundings and infrastructure have been the greatest priority of chief developers M.A. Al-Kharafi (MAK) Group since the beginning.

utilities & infrastructure

invest in the future


water plant


Sewerage treatment plant


power plant

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