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SUNRISE is in town

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With more than 30 Years of experience in hotel management and with partnership of international tourism corporations like Tomas cook the well known Sunrise group is now Initializing a new hotel management business at Port Ghalib. As per Mr. Mohamed Khalifa General Manager of Sunrise Marina Port Ghalib, Sunrise group see that the year 2017 will be considered as fresh start to the tourism business in Egypt after the decrease of traffic during 2016.

▪ Mr. Khalifa answered a question of why Port Ghalib why now?

“ It is Clear that Port Ghalib is the the most valuable attraction at Marsa Alam with all the facilities included at port ghalib Markets, Activities, night life, yet it is a unique diving spot in the zone. Being only 2 KM away from Marsa Alam International air port, being at Port Ghalib international marina the 1st international marina to the south of Egypt makes it un comparable to any other location at Marsa Alam. Not only facilities but having a unique interior, City landscape, Sandy Beach, Aqua Park, The only Boling center at Marsa Alam and the unique view at Port Ghalib Marina makes it available to Sunrise hotel to present a premium service to there guests.

▪ Sunrise is getting ready to launch revamped services at Port Ghalib with a premium quality SPA, total renew for aqua park, Yet VIP Disco launch is considered to be a real add value to the guest experience at Port Ghalib.

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