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Or "The Umbrella Thorn Tree"  Without a doubt, when you think of an 'Desert tree' the umbrella thorn is the tree that instantly comes to mind. it lays there at PortGhalib Desert. Few exotic trees are as widely cultivated and versatile as the Acacia tree. While its unique shape and blossoms are eye-catching, the Acacia's appearance reveals just a hint of its functions. Recognizing the many aspects of its life will help you truly appreciate all the tree has to offer.
The Acacia's distinctive leaves make the tree highly distinguishable. While there are more than 800 species of the Acacia trees around the world, most feature small, finely divided green leaflets that give the stalk a fernlike appearance
Most Acacia trees have short lifespans of 15 to 30 years. Consequently, they tend to grow quickly and can reach heights in excess of 40 feet. In addition to the stunning yellow and white blooms, the Acacia produces a dry seedpod as its fruit. Each pod is about three inches long and contains five to six brownish black seeds. The combination of its feathery leaves, globular flowers, and dry seedpods creates a dramatic appearance during the tree's peak growing years.