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Marsa Alam International Airport succeeded, on 22nd of November 2017, in the implementation of a full-scale emergency exercise, with the participation of The Ministry of Health represented by Quarantine, Ambulance sector, Red Sea Hospitals, the Ministry of Finance (Customs Authority), and all the operating companies in the airport. The exercise was attended by General Ahmed Abdullah, Red Sea Governor , General Hany Okab, the Chairman of EMAK Marsa Alam Airport company, Pilot Tarek Taban Zadah, Marsa Alam airport General Manager , and all the concerned departments participating in the exercise.

The event started with the welcoming speech of the Pilot Tarek Zadah. “ this is the 6th full scale emergency exercise at Marsa Alam International airport which started on 2004” he confirmed.

The Airport Safety Manager explained the whole scenario of the trial, before actually starting the procedures, which is based on an explosion during landing of flight number " MN333”, carrying on board 92 passengers and 8 crew members, at 12:30 pm, in one of the main tires of the right wing, accordingly the aircraft lost control  deviated to the western side of the airstrip, the right wing hit the ground, ignited and split causing a crash to the body of the aircraft, and split into two halves as the main reason of the explosion. Immediately the air traffic control tower launched a warning siren alarm to announce the existence of an emergency at the airport and followed the map of reporting. Civil protection forces intervened to control the fire, and the number of passengers on the plane 100 passengers including 92 passengers and 8 crew of the plane and the number of survivors 60 passengers, 37 of them will be transferred to the internal hall, in preparation for transfer to hotels.

“The implementation of the full-scale emergency exercise at the Egyptian airports represents the extent of dealing with the real emergency cases and the aviation accidents” A representative of the Civil Aviation Authority & the Chairman of the evaluation Committee Eng. Engy Abdullah confirmed, “the aviation authority will evaluate the experiment after its completion” she added, “thanks to all participants in the experiment” she stressed.

“Marsa Alam International airport has helped a major renaissance in Marsa Alam and contributed to increase the flow of tourism in the area” General Hany Okab said.  “Marsa Alam International Airport is the First complete full Greenfield site international airport in the world successfully done on a B.O.T basis for 40 years Concession period” he added.” An Agreement signed between the Government of the Arab republic of Egypt represented by Egyptian Ministry of Civil Aviation (Owner) and EMAK-Marsa Alam for management and Operations of Airports (Concessionaire)” he confirmed. “the percentage of tourism in Marsa Alam increased to reached 64.4% compared to the other cities in the Red Sea” General Okab revealed.

This event came within the framework of Marsa Alam airport’s plan to meet aviation accidents as part of a training plan ranging from 6 months to 2 years. This reflects the airport's readiness to manage sudden crises, while saving passengers and passengers in record time, and restoring normal operation, With the support of all parties participating in the plan.

The Civil Aviation Authority Committee announced the success of the Full-scale exercise and Eng. Engy Abdullah, the head of the committee handed over the certificate of operation license to General Hany Okab, who dedicated the certificate to the Governor of the Red Sea for his efforts.