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In the area of the Red Sea known as the “deep south”, one of the legendary dive sites are a pair of tiny islands situated about 5 minutes from each other .known as Brothers Islands (Little Brother and Big Brother) Located at 67 km offshore from El-Quseir, on the mainland, in the Red Sea Governorate of Egypt. They are basically steep-sided cones, likely formed by volcanic eruptions.

The larger one, Big Brother, is some 400 meters long. it is shaped like a rain drop, falling from the north west to south east and features the only structure of the islands, a Victorian stone lighthouse that was built by the British in 1883 and a few buildings associated with it. The other island, Small Brother, is just to the north of Big Brother, and is smaller. The islands feature wonderful wall dives, strong currents, two ship wrecks (the Numidia and the Aida), coral reefs and are also famed for encounters with Oceanic Whitetip, Hammerhead Sharks, napoleon fish, hawksbill turtles, grey reef shark and much more sea creatures.

The main challenge with Brothers is their exposed placement. Winds can be strong and currents can also be unpredictable.

They are One of the most amazing scuba dives, The only way out there is by way of liveaboards. In 2012, CNN ranked Big Brother ninth in a list of the world's 50 best dive sites, and second in the Red Sea.