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Medical Tourism has become one of the core elements of the tourism sector worldwide, nowadays, passing through Egypt that has many factors that can help investing in this kind of tourism.
- one of the main attractive branches of medical tourism, is the dental medicine, which has its own special visitor. during an interview with Dr. Ahmed Alsherif He announced that Egypt is famous of this type of medicine, long ages ago. During the exploration of the Egyptian pharos tombs, they found that some of the mummies have gone through dental operations. in the past 20 years, this category has been thrift and went through a new direction towards "Egypt", generally and "Marsa Allam" destination specially, depending on its own cliental " Gender and nationality" criteria .
- whether cosmetic or orthodontics, this service can be offered on a very large and professional scale with tenth of the cost in comparison with Europe. in one of the first, best and large clinics that owns all the international equipment, materials and technical experience.