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The conference has begun, on 27th of November 2017,  with the attendance of Dariusz Rego Vesky, Minister of State for Plenipotentiary of Polish Tourism, Pavel Niveva Domsky, President of the Polish Chamber of Tourism and Robert Alajic, Chairman of the Tourism Authority. Polish and a large number of owners of Polish tourism companies and Mohamed Samir Executive Director of "Red Sea Hotels Egypt"

The conference was attended by 150 senior tour operators, tourism and aviation companies in Poland, a number of government officials from the Polish Ministry of Tourism, a number of dignitaries and a delegation representing the largest Polish media, representing 20 to 25 journalists.

The Polish Tourism Chamber is the largest organization of the tourism industry in Poland. It is a member of the European Union for Tour Operators and Tourism Companies (ECTAA), the largest private sector tourism agency with Polish government and international ministries and institutions worldwide.

Pavel Niveva Domsky, head of the Polish Chamber of Tourism, thanked the Red Sea Governor, for his efforts to coordinate the establishment of the annual conference of the Federation of Polish Tourism Companies on the Red Sea.

“tourism in Egypt is developing despite the difficulties” Domsky said. “2017 brought good news about tourism in Egypt, where statistics showed the arrival of 4 million and 300 thousand tourists, expected to reach the number of tourists during the next year to 8 million tourists, and rising Revenues to $ 6 billion.” He confirmed.

The Governor, General Ahmed Abdallah, welcomed all the guests, praising the organizers of the conference to be held at this international level, pointing to the importance of the Polish tourist to the province where the number of tourists in 2014 in the resorts of the province, but declined in 2016 to reach 61 thousand Polish tourists, and continued relations maintained by the province returned again in January 2017 To reach 121 thousand tourists and by the end of December we will be exceeding the previous highest rates, and hoped that the Polish tourism number 2 in the resorts of the Red Sea 2018.

"The Polish tourist is of utmost importance to us," said Abdullah. "The number of Polish tourists reached 123,000 in 2014, and this number fell to 61,000 in 2016.” he confirmed. “By the beginning of 2017 we began to return again to increase the number of which amounted to 121 thousand tourists so far, pointing out the need to make efforts, so that we get to be Polish tourism in second place” He explained.

The agenda of the opening session was a welcoming speech by the guests, a presentation about the Red Sea Governorate and the governorate’s touristic points of  attractions followed by dialogue sessions and workshops on the Egyptian-Polish tourism sector and the development of the incoming tourism movement Egypt.

The governor said that the main objective of the conference is to double the number of Polish tourists to the Red Sea. The governorate will provide the necessary facilities and services for the tourists to spend enjoyable times.