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It is a natural pool, made of a unique rock formation, which is believed by the area inhabitants to have been shaped by a meteorite, hitting the coast, located 8 kms south Marsa Alam, 20 minutes from Port Ghalib. The pool, several meters in diameter, is shaped like an eye filled with the turquoise blue waters of the Red Sea. The pool is around 8-10 meters depth.

The “Al-Nayzak” lake, which has been able to attract hundreds of tourists, from different nationalities, to practice diving and swimming, because of its environmental safety. With a total area of over 5,000 meters, Al-Nayzak Lake is characterized by its pure water and its depth, and most importantly, it is from the sea currents, which makes it safe to dive, especially in the winter, where the water is warm for a natural pool in case of tides.

The real geological scientific opinion behind the transformation of this place was that it is a natural lake that has been formed from 3 main factors which was: A sea stream heading towards the coast, the coral reef barrier which is called “Al-Dahar” and basically considered a natural defense from Coastal erosion due to collision of marine currents and waves, which is in this area lower than the natural length with few centimeters which lead to the penetration of the currents from above to the coast that lead to the 3rd factor which is The process of slaughtering the beach easily done from the landing of soil surface and removal of calcareous components as the nature of the soil is ready for the occurrence of destruction within it. As per the Egyptian geologist Dr. Mohamed abdo, the idea of forming this place was ruled out as a meteorite many years ago. 


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