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At low tide, Qulaan reveals four sandy, golden islands, with a touch of green mangrove trees growing out of the sea.

Located in the south of Egypt, in the protected area of the National Park of Wadi El Gemal, 170 Kms from Port Ghalib. These sights are not a work of fiction but a reality more beautiful than what a writer can describe or a photographer can capture.

Qulaan Islands stretch over a bay that is divided into four pieces of land with mangrove trees all around. This setting creates a sustainable eco-system for the wildlife under the sea and the birds that come to feed.

You can spend the day on this multi-colored shades-of-blue beach, and enjoy the day with all the sights it has to offer. There, you can have a traditional Egyptian lunch right on the bay, including: fish, meat or chicken along with rice, vegetables, salad, and fruits for desert. After this fantastic meal, you can enjoy your very own Gabana; the traditional Bedouin coffee, which you can only drink in odd numbers for fear of bad luck. It is typical to the Ababda and Bashareya tribes that live in that area. This is not your typical espresso, but rather a specially prepared coffee with Arabic spices and strong flavor.

Visitors also enjoy snorkeling or scuba diving in the area, as they feast their eyes on the colorful world that exists underneath those crystal clear blue waters. Multi-lingual certified divers and guides are available to take you around the area and show you the most beautiful spots. There are luxury boats available at the Hamata Marina that take you to Qualaan, as there is no place to stay on the islands or bay. These boats also have the option of staying aboard for a night to make the most of your stay in the area and see and experience as much as you can.

Qulaan beach and islands is nature at its purest form, well preserved and untouched by modern concrete buildings. If you would like to interact with nature and enjoy simplicity for a day, then this is the place for you.