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Have you ever thought of wondering at the night’s sky, whether you are alone or in a company, stargazing and watching the breathtaking view of the Milky Way, lightening up the gloomy southern Egyptian Red Sea desert, mountains and se 

Port Ghalib is the perfect spot for stargazing in the Red Sea. While people rush to spend their night partying and dancing, some others have another opinion, just laying back on the beach or in the desert, staring at the stars and trying to learn more about them. It is true that Marsa Alam, generally, and Port Ghalib specifically, has a unique underwater life, however there is a fancy world above the water that will surprise you. 

If you get used to stargazing or it is your first time, here is some tips for taking your experience into the next level.

1-  Choose the best time to look

Clear winter nights, when there is no humidity in the air, are the best time to stargaze. Summer weather tends to increase the blur of the view. The darker the sky, the clearer becomes the view, so the best time will be when the moon is in the crescent or gibbous phase.

2-  Go to a place with a high elevation 

The star view becomes better at the higher places and the vast areas that is why Port Ghalib’s sea and mountains are the most suitable spots for stargazing in the Red Sea.

3-  Bring the best equipment

Like binoculars if you are a beginner, a telescope if you are an advanced stargazer, charger for your equipment. Do not forget to take along a long chair or a mat and to dress as per the weather. Bring a reference material to guide you to navigate the night sky. Also, you will need a star chart to identify the planets and the constellations places.

4-  Learn to differentiate between planets and stars

The star is a bright light that sparkles in the sky. A planet is a stationary object that does not sparkle. If you are in the northern hemisphere, figure out how to find the North Star. If you are in the southern hemisphere, learn how to identify the Southern Cross.

Port Ghalib is also the ideal place for watching the annual Lyrid meteor shower on late April. Viewing this shower will always be at the best after dusk.